WHO in South-East Asia

Sector Policy Dialogue and Planning

Policy dialogue lies at the heart of universal health coverage, which countries can work towards, whatever stage they are currently at. The first step to any meaningful improvement is ensuring the right policies, strategies and plans are in place.

This is an area where WHO can play a role in policy dialogue bringing to the table deep expertise in policymaking for service quality, equitable access, health care financing, and monitoring and accountability. WHO convenes disparate development partners, governments and the private sector. It synthesizes the best evidence of what works, and supports Member States to put those best practices into action, tailored to the needs and circumstances of each country.

In 2016 and 2017, WHO’s Regional Director for South-East Asia has highlighted two flagship priorities for universal health coverage in the region: human resources for health and access to safe, affordable and effective medicines. Countries need to get the right policies in place to ensure an adequate number of heath care workers, and to address prevailing major inefficiencies in medicine management.