Supporting caregivers of children with developmental delays and disorders

The Neuro-Developmental Disability Protection Trust (NDDPT) of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of Bangladesh is undertaking steps for the implementation of ‘Caregiver Skills Training Programme for Families of Children with Developmental Disorders or Delays’ with technical support from WHO.

As part of the WHO Mental Health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP), Caregiver Skills Training (CST) is an evidence based package for caregivers of children with developmental delays and disorders. The primary aims of CST are to develop the skills of caregivers to promote optimal child development, communication and functioning, and family well-being.

In April 2018, a planning meeting on CST gathering thirty-three participants including experts from relevant ministries, departments, nongovernmental organizations and civil society was organized by NDDPT. The Chief Guest of the inaugural session was the Honourable Minister of Social Welfare, Mr Rashed Khan Menon.

With the facilitation of psychiatrist Dr Laura Pacione, an expert consultant for WHO on CST, the participants reviewed the package and identified areas for adaptation. They discussed key elements of implementation, including training and supervision of facilitators, evaluation and sustainability. The outcome of the meeting is a comprehensive plan for piloting of CST which will set the stage for sustained implementation and scale-up.

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