WHO supports cyclonic storm Mora relief efforts

30 May 2017 - Cyclonic storm MORA of category 10, crossed Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong coastal areas with winds of up to 117 km/h (73mph), causing 6 deaths, heavy floods uprooted trees and destroyed houses.

As part of World Health Organization’s (WHO), Country Office for Bangladesh, divisional preparedness plan developed in 2016, Emergency Health Kits with medicines and medical devices along with other medical supplies are prepositioned in Chittagong division and are ready to be distributed.

Two villages in the Cox’s Bazar District and three villages in Chittagong District have been flooded. According to the DGHS ‘National Health Crisis Management Centre and Control Room’ report, as on 31 May, 2017, a total of 136 people have been injured, most of them in Cox’s Bazar, mainly due to uprooted trees and destroyed houses. 6 deaths have been reported from Cox’s Bazar and Rangamati districts.

A total of 1399 medical teams have been activated in Chittagong, Barisal and Khulna divisions in order to respond to post cyclonic health emergencies.

Currently, there are no shortages of emergency drugs buffer stocks in all affected areas and if necessary, acute watery diarrhea supplies will be repositioned in all divisions.

WHO works closely with National Health Crisis Management Centre and other partners in monitoring the overall situation, being prepared to offer technical support to local and national authorities. Furthermore, WHO’s field based staff is maintaining close coordination with the medical teams and local officials and is ready to provide any kind of support. WHO Emergency Team is prepared to move in cyclone affected areas, if and when needed.