Oral cholera vaccination campaign started in Cox’s Bazar


10 October 2017 – The largest cholera vaccination campaign started today in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, to protect newly arrived Rohingya and host communities from the life-threatening diarrheal disease. 900 000 doses of the vaccine have been mobilized and are being delivered by more than 200 mobile vaccination teams, making it the largest oral cholera vaccination campaign ever. The first round of the campaign will cover 650 000 people aged one year and older.

Form, data collection, analysis and action: health monitoring and early detection mechanism of health threats

WHO Bangladesh/ C. Bercaru

The first step for a health monitoring and early detection mechanism of health threats was implemented by WHO Bangladesh in the settlements of Rohingyan migrants. The unique and simple reporting form for all health workers in the field is an essential tool in gathering the data that can show the health situation, including any early sign of a disease outbreak.

WHO started prepositioning of medical supplies in Cox’s Bazar

WHO Bangladesh

WHO supports the Government of Bangladesh to address the essential health needs of newly arrived vulnerable groups from Myanmar by prepositioning cholera kits, water purification tablets, emergency medical kits and by providing surgical kits. Urgent interventions are needed by government and partners to improve access to safe drinking water, sanitation facilities and hygiene promotion to prevent a cholera outbreak.

WHO sets up health monitoring, early warning alert in Cox’s Bazar

WHO Bangladesh

To monitor health issues affecting the over 422 000 people in camps and settlements in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar, WHO has set up a Control Room as part of the humanitarian health response. “The Control Room will help strengthen disease surveillance system and daily reporting of morbidity and mortality.

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