Health Minister’s National Award 2017, recognising and promoting best practices in health system

50 health facilities and health offices received on the 15 of February the Health Minister’s National Award 2017, an initiative recognising and promoting best practices in the Bangladesh health system.

Launched in 2014, the annual awards are part of Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) Initiative and aims at promoting best practices, transparency and accountability in health services management. The award stimulates innovative health management practices, better use of existing resources and the generation of better results. Through this initiative of Management Information System (MIS) unit from the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), performances of health facilities at different tiers of the system are measured, scored, ranked and, finally, the best ones are awarded.

World Health Organization (WHO), Health Information System (HiSP) Bangladesh, icddr,b and UNICEF supported Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in developing and implementing the overall innovative process through which competition brings strengthening of the health services.

Prior to the award giving ceremony, a technical session was held to share the main strategies adopted by the winners of 2017 that contributed to their good performance and the challenges they have faced. The interactive session allowed participants to exchange information, share their experiences and best practices and to make recommendations towards improving the next round of performance measurement for the next awards

WHO remains committed in continuing to provide assistance for strengthening the capacity of health system especially through innovative initiatives that bring good performance in a context of limited resources.

For additional details about the initiative including the list of winners, please see the technical brief.


Technical brief