WHO started prepositioning of medical supplies in Cox’s Bazar

WHO Bangladesh

WHO supports the Government of Bangladesh to address the essential health needs of newly arrived vulnerable groups from Myanmar by prepositioning cholera kits, water purification tablets, emergency medical kits and by providing surgical kits.

Urgent interventions are needed by government and partners to improve access to safe drinking water, sanitation facilities and hygiene promotion to prevent a cholera outbreak. WHO has prepositioned in Cox’s Bazar cholera kits that can treat 50 000 cases and additional complementary supplies are on the way for efficiently addressing any outbreak. In addition, WHO has prepositioned 2 000 000 water purification tablets in Cox’s Bazar and 1 000 000 in Chittagong.

Emergency medical kits for 30 000 people arrived in Cox’s Bazar, contains drugs, medical supplies and some essential equipment for primary health care workers with limited training. Each kit’s content is based on the health needs for a period of one month.

To cope with increasing number of wounded people from migrants’ camps and settlements, WHO will provided 4 surgical kits to local medical facilities.

The prepositioned medical supplies and equipment will be distributed through the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) to be used in case of need. For a better coordination of the medical supplies distribution, WHO shall deploy in Cox’s Bazar a logistic specialist that will ensure the resources are going where they are most needed.

The medical supplies prepositioning is a WHO’s preventive measure in supporting the Government of Bangladesh to ensure a fast and efficient response to health threats and it is part of WHO’s strategic approach in crisis management.