WHO supports Executive Committee Meeting on dissemination of draft National Plan of Action of Nutrition (NPAN) and Bangladesh National Nutrition Council (BNNC) Reactivation

On 28 March, a meeting of the Executive Committee chaired by the Hon'ble Health Minister Mr. Mohammad Nasim, MP was organized as a part of Bangladesh National Nutrition Council (BNNC) revitalization process for pursuing coordination of multisectoral approach in Bangladesh and to effectively scale up nutrition. The meeting was organized with support from the World Health Organization Country Office for Bangladesh. In the same meeting the draft 10-year National Plan of Action was approved by the committee.

In the meeting, the Minster of Health and Family Welfare said that poor are deprived of adequate nutrition because they lack financial resources. Health Minister ordered integrated awareness program to increase the nutrition value of people. He also committed to accelerate the National Nutrition Council Meeting chaired by Hon'ble Prime Minister to endorse the Plan of Action en route for combating malnutrition in all its forms in line with Bangladesh Vision 2021, the Seventh Five Year Plan and upcoming Vision 2041.

The Government of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh revised the first National Plan of Action for Nutrition (NPAN) document which was developed in 1998. This has been revised when the National Nutrition Policy 2015 was endorsed and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is leading this process with active participation from all relevant Ministries and development partners, civil society, academia, NGOs, private sector. This 2nd National Plan of Action on Nutrition (NPAN 2) is now awaiting for final approval by the National Nutrition Council chaired by the Prime Minister. WHO has provided technical support to different meetings and committees to formulate this National Plan of Action.