Water Safety Plan (WSP)

A Risk Based Approach for Water Safety

WHO/SEARO/Country Office for Bangladesh

Publication details

Number of pages: 42
Publication date: October 2014
Languages: English
ISBN: 978-984-33-8095-1



Ensuring access to safe drinking water is globally acknowledged as an effective means of promoting good health and reducing poverty. Accordingly, the WHO guidelines for Drinking Water Quality (2004) recommended implementation of Water Safety Plans (WSPs) as a cost-effective, management-oriented, preventive approach to drinking water safety. A key pre-requisite for establishing WSPs in the water supplies is a strong knowledge-base of key professionals involved in the water supply sector.

In Bangladesh, the water supply sector is primarily run by graduates from technical and engineering institutions. Thus, mainstreaming of WSPs in the sector would depend to a large extent on the knowledge and technical know-how of these technical/ engineering graduates. The concept of “Water Safety Plans” is relatively new, and very recently incorporated in the curriculum of technical and engineering educational institutions which ensued demand of teaching materials for this subject.

This book titled ‘Water Safety Plan: A Risk Based Approach for Water Safety’ is an outcome of the initiative of WHO-Bangladesh and ITN-BUET in mainstreaming the WSPs in the water supply sector of the country. The book has been developed through extensive consultation involving faculty members currently involved in teaching and research on water supply and sanitation and practitioners/ professionals involved in the implementation of water supply and sanitation project (including WSPs) in the field.

This book will help develop a strong knowledge-base of undergraduate level technical/ engineering students on WSP, and enable them to better prepare themselves in facing the challenges in the water supply sector of the country. The contents of the book has been developed such that they fit into and supplement the existing course curricula on water supply and sanitation at different technical/engineering institutions.

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