Water Safety Plan

Flip Chart

WHO/SEARO/Country Office for Bangladesh and Department of Public Health Engineering, Ministry of LGRD and Co-operatives, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

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Number of pages: 40
Publication date: August 2016
Languages: English
ISBN: 978-984-34-0831-0



Communication is vital to Water Safety Plan (WSP) interventions for realizing safety concerns of water and community consultation is an integral component of such communication. To meet the intense demand, the EHU of WHO developed a WSP user manual titled “Let Us Know – How to Keep Water Safe” that can be used in community consultations like courtyard meetings. To support the facilitation of such meetings and sessions and disbursing the content of the user manual among the participants this “Water Safety Plan- Flip Chart” is developed for the field staffs conducting the events. In this flipchart, pictorial presentation is made in one side of each page whereas information and questions are placed on the other side for the convenience of discussion by the field staff. The publication will contribute in positive behavior change of the community towards water safety and public health improvement.