WHO supports health partners in Cox’s Bazar

Life-saving essential medicines, medical supplies and equipment have been distributed by WHO to health facilities run by Government, NGOs and partner agencies operating in Cox’s Bazar. The supplies are part of the organization’s response to the health needs of newly arrived population and consists of cholera kits, Interagency Emergency Health Kits, tents, bladders and water purification systems.

The supplies have been gradually prepositioned by WHO in Cox’s Bazar to support the urgent health needs of more than 600.000 people who have poured across the border since August 2017. The medicines and supplies are replenishing stocks at mobile and fixed facilities across the settlements, helping organizations to deliver medical services to the population.

As one of its core emergency response strategies in Cox’s Bazar, WHO remains committed in supporting the delivery of health services. Though needs are immense, WHO is working with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and partner agencies to meet them.