Clinical Handbook for Care of Victims of Intimate Partner Violence Introduced

WHO’s Clinical Handbook on “Health care for women subjected to intimate partner violence or sexual violence” was introduced to around 30 health workers from the Western districts of Bhutan in a workshop organized by the Ministry of Health and the WHO Country Office for Bhutan in Phuentsholing, from 20 – 21 March 2017.

The introduction was conducted through video presentations from WHO/HQ in Geneva especially recorded for Bhutan and through live discussions over Skype with Dr Claudia Garcia Moreno, the lead specialist on the subject.

This introduction of the clinical handbook was meant as a pilot, prior to introduction of the handbook to clinicians in the rest of the country. As the clinical handbook was received enthusiastically by the health workers, which included medical doctors, health assistants and nurses, WHO and the Ministry of Health will now explore possibilities to introduce the clinical handbook to health workers in the other areas of the country, and to provide supplementary training in this area, particularly relating to support for mental health.

During the same workshop, health workers were sensitized on gender based violence as a global public health issue, and the findings of a recently conducted Ministry of Health study on the health sector’s response to gender based violence was shared with the health workers. In addition, a delegation from the National Commission for Women and Children presented an update on the relevant existing legal frameworks.

The Clinical Handbook was developed by WHO, UN WOMEN and UNFPA in 2014 to help health-care workers to provide appropriate care for victims of gender based violence. It addresses the four needs of victims that typically require attention, namely: (1) immediate emotional/psychological needs (2) immediate physical needs (3) ongoing safety needs and (4) ongoing support and mental health needs.

Find out more about the Clinical Handbook on “Health Care for Women Subjected to Intimate Partner Violence or Sexual Violence” or download your own copy (PDF) through link below