Meeting of the Medical Council Network of WHO South-East Asia Region

The Sixth Technical Meeting of the Medical Councils Network of the WHO South-East Asia Region (MCN-WHOSEAR (18-19 November, 2015) and the Meeting of the Executive Committee of MCN-WHOSEARO (20 November, 2015) was held in Paro, Bhutan. The meeting brought together technical experts, academicians, policy makers, and health service managers and administrators from eleven countries of the WHO South-East Asia Region.

World Toilet Day 2015

Twin pit pour flush toilet - design

The World Toilet Day is observed on 19 November to raise awareness on the importance to human health of access to and quality of toilet, despite the fact that it is a human right to have clean water and sanitation.

This year the World Toilet Day focuses on ensuring access to water and sanitation for all. Lack of access to clean drinking water and sanitation, along with the absence of good hygiene practices, are among the underlying causes of poor nutrition.

To commemorate this Day, we have the honour of sharing a message from the Regional Director, Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh.

World Diabetes Day 2015

Every six second, a person dies due to diabetes. This is killing over 5 million people in a year globally. While the growing diabetes pandemic presents a worldwide public health crisis, the good news is that diabetes is a preventable and treatable condition. To underscore the importance of ‘prevention’ in diabetes, the World Diabetes Day, has “Healthy Living and Diabetes” as the theme for 2015. Further, in recognition of the increasing burden of diabetes globally and the urgent need to act, the World Health Organization has selected Diabetes, as the theme for the World Health Day 2016.

World Antibiotic Awareness Week

16-22 Nov 2015 | World Antibiotic Awareness Week aims to increase awareness of global antibiotic resistance and to encourage best practices among the general public, health workers and policy makers to avoid the further emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance.

The theme of the campaign, Antibiotics: Handle with Care, reflects the overarching message that antibiotics are a precious resource and should be preserved. They should be used to treat bacterial infections, only when prescribed by a certified health professional. Antibiotics should never be shared and the full course of treatment should be completed – not saved for the future.