WHO Improves Transparency through International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)

WHO has joined the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), and committed to becoming compliant with the initiative’s standards from May 2017. IATI is a global, voluntary, multi-stakeholder initiative seeking to improve transparency in how aid, development and humanitarian resources are spent.

As a result, WHO’s Programme Budget Web Portal has been enhanced to publish financial data which provides a more detailed view of WHO budget, financing, activities and expenditure data. Additionally, WHO has started publishing a growing number of country-level documents, starting with the Country Collaboration Strategy briefs, on the portal.

The availability of current and forward-looking information and sharing experiences and lessons will facilitate analysis and improve support for future planning. Further, improving transparency and information flow on resources, use and impact will enhance resource mobilization at various levels of the Organization. A culture of transparency can also foster better alignment between the preferences of contributors and the strategic intent and work priorities of the WHO at all levels.