One year of polio-free certification

One year ago, WHO South-East Asia, home to 80% of the world’s population, was certified polio-free.

“This is a momentous victory for the millions of health workers who worked with governments, nongovernmental organizations, civil society and international partners to eradicate polio from the Region.

World TB Day 2015: Gear up to end TB

Tuberculosis is a fully curable disease that affects nearly three million people in WHO’s South-East Asia Region every year.

2015 is a critical year for countries and partners to adapt and prepare for roll-out of the End TB Strategy.

World Water Day 2015: Water and Sustainable Development

Every year, 22 March is observed as World Water Day to appreciate this precious resource and to recommit ourselves in preserving and sustaining water for current and future generations.

To recognize the transition from Millennium Development (MDG) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the theme for 2015 is: ‘Water and Sustainable Development’.

World Birth Defects Day

The World Health Organization, South-East Asia Regional Office is collaborating with 11 other global organizations to promote World Birth Defects Day to increase global awareness of birth defects.

WHO reported 49 000 newborn deaths due to birth defects in 2013 in the South-East Asia Region. Addressing birth defects is a key intervention to provide the best health possible and potential for a full and productive life.

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