World Toilet Day 2014

Inadequate sanitation is impacting health and economies of countries in South-East Asia. Good sanitation is proven to prevent water sources being contaminated, protect the environment, prevent infectious diseases and help reduce malnutrition, stunting and mental stress.

Indoor air quality guidelines: household fuel combustion

Every year, some 4.3 million people worldwide die from household air pollution emitted by wood, coal, dried dung and other biomass fuels.

In some areas of India with more reliable electricity supplies, inexpensive induction stoves are becoming increasingly popular and affordable for regular cooking due to their high efficiency which reduces indoor air pollution.

Eliminate lead paint – international call for action 2014

The second International Lead Prevention Awareness Week will take place 19-25 October 2014. During the week, countries around the world will draw attention to the hazards to human health and particularly the impact of lead exposure on the intellectual development of young children.

Bangladesh tackles rabies through mass dog vaccination

Thousands of people die from rabies each year, mostly in Africa and Asia. Children under age 15 are particularly vulnerable, accounting for 4 out of every 10 rabies-related deaths.

Bangladesh’s canine vaccination programme aims to break the cycle of rabies transmission from dogs to humans.

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The health and economic cost of poor sanitation
19 November 2014

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14 November 2014

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