Countries in South-East Asia Region combat polio vaccine shortage, committed to remain polio-free

On the sixth anniversary of the last case of wild poliovirus in the South-East Asia Region, World Health Organization commends countries in the Region for their continued efforts to protect children against this crippling virus and maintain the Region’s polio-free status, despite challenging conditions.

Tobacco control can save billions of dollars and millions of lives

Policies to control tobacco use, including tobacco tax and price increases, can generate significant government revenues for health and development work, according to a new landmark global report from the World Health Organization and the National Cancer Institute of the United States of America. Such measures can also greatly reduce tobacco use and protect people’s health from the world’s leading killers, like cancers and heart disease.

From the Hospital to the Community: Caring for Mental Health in Sri Lanka


The need for quality mental health services that take a community-based approach can be well understood in light of Sri Lanka’s recent history. In 2004, Sri Lanka was hit with the full force of the Indian Ocean tsunami, while in 2009 the country’s 26-year-long civil war came to a bloody end. By developing and implementing effective policy solutions to mental health issues, Sri Lanka’s health authorities have charted a bold new course that deserves commendation.

Earthquake hits Indonesia, emergency response rolled out

The Aceh region of Indonesia was rocked by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake at 5 AM local time in December 7, 2016. Most casualties are being reported from Pidie and Bireun. The District Public Hospital in Pidie Jaya was severely damaged in the earthquake.

WHO is supporting the government and partners in roll out of emergency health response.

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