Antimicrobial resistance

Thailand World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2017 activities

World Antibiotic Awareness Week - Thailand

WHO, FAO and OIE in Thailand all supported the opening of the Antibiotic Awareness Week Celebrations at FAO Regional Office for Asia and Pacific on Monday on 13 November 2017.

There was also a National conference on AMR on 23 November which was chaired by Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister. During the conference, a Call-to-Action Declaration on AMR was signed and launched by 25 key organizations and agencies, including by WR Thailand. The event started with a VDO Presentation ‘National Strategic Plan on AMR’ and was followed by opening remarks from the Deputy Prime Minister launching the mission “Thailand marks the spot to stop AMR”. by Deputy Prime Minister, High level executives from relevant agencies, WHO/FAO/OIE. Global updates on AMR policy were provided by WHO/FAO/OIE and a presentation was delivered on “Thailand’s AMR Management System: Joint External Evaluation Tools for International Health Regulation (2005)

Implementation of National Operational Plan on AMR and Steps in moving from the National Strategic Plan on AMR to actions