The Philippines Health System Review

This second edition of the health system review of Philippines shows the major changes that have occurred over the 7 years since the last review. Channeling of funds from sin tax to Health has shown unprecedented levels of finances are now available for UHC. PhilHealth has dramatically increased coverage of people as well as service providers that it works with from both government and non-government sectors. However major challenges remain; regional and socioeconomic disparities in the availability and accessibility of resources are prominent and there is a need to improve regulation of service providers. Philippines HiT reports on the current health system reforms undertaken including challenges of incorporating primary health care as in the overall health architecture of the country.
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Attraction and Retention of Rural Primary Health-care Workers in the Asia Pacific Region

Maldistribution of Health-care workers is a serious concern in the Asia Pacific Region, which results in poor availability of health services and negative health outcomes particularly for vulnerable populations in rural and remote areas. This policy brief provides problems and viable options to address the problems followed by recommendations, which is based on systematic literature review and 3-country case studies from Cambodia, China and Viet Nam to analyse the key interventions used in the Asia Pacific Region to attract and retain health workers in remote and rural areas.
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Japan Health System Review

The health system review of Japan notes numerous health-care success since the foundation of Universal Health Insurance System in 1961. However, ageing population with low-fertility rates, stagnating economy, increasing burden of NCDs and growing use of expensive technologies pose the challenges in service delivery and financial stability in health. Japan HiT reports current health system reforms undertaken and also recent debate on paradigm shift to the new system as proposed in Japan Vision: Health Care 2035.
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What is APO?

The Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies (the APO) is a collaborative partnership of interested governments, international agencies, foundations, and researchers that promotes evidence-informed health system policy regionally and in all countries in the Asia Pacific region.

The APO:

  • Collaboratively identifies priority health system issues across the Asia Pacific region;
  • Develops and synthesizes relevant research to support and inform countries’ evidence-based policy development; and
  • Builds country and regional health systems research and evidence-informed policy capacity.

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