COVID-19 Health Systems Response Monitor

COVID-19 is the biggest acute public health challenge of this century, impacting every country in the world within six months of being discovered. Countries’ response to curtail and control the outbreak has varied immensely but almost all policy interventions can be grouped into six broad categories:

1. Measures to prevent local transmission.
2. Ensuring sufficient physical infrastructure and workforce capacity.
3. Providing effective health services.
4. Ensuring adequate financing to support the health sector and the increasing
demand on it.
5. Regulation and governance around the pandemic response plan.
6. Intersectoral measures to support the wider society.

The COVID-19 Health System Response Monitor is a systematic approach to collect and collate these policy responses to help with understanding global COVID-19 response and allow easy comparison of activities at national and sub-national levels.

This exercise is a collaboration between APO, the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies (OBS) and WHO through its regional offices for Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, South East Asia and Western Pacific as well as Headquarters. Country reports done by OBS can be found here.

In future, we plan to move all the reports onto a dedicated web platform to allow easy comparison across countries across different regions.