Child and adolescent health and development



A world in which children and adolescents enjoy the highest attainable standard of health and development, a world that meets their needs, and respects, protects and fulfils their rights, enabling them to live to their full potential.


  • to work with Member States to address priority health problems concerning newborns, infants, children and adolescents
  • to develop evidence-based strategies and guidelines for child and adolescent health in the Region
  • to support Member States to adapt and implement strategies and guidelines and to deliver good-quality services
  • to strengthen capacity for assuring quality of services
  • to strengthen capacity for programme review and management and monitoring of the progress and impact of the strategies on survival, health, growth and development

Main areas of work

Work with Member States and partners to foster a "continuum of care" to scale-up quality implementation of packages of evidence-based interventions along the life-course stages of pre-pregnancy, the postnatal period, childhood and adolescence, which are delivered at family and community level, first-level health facilities and at referral level.

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