Child and adolescent health and development


Adolescent health at a glance in South-East Asia Region


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Publication date: 2007



These factsheets on adolescent health in all 11 Member countries of the Region have been prepared by undertaking a review of available published national data obtained from national demographic health surveys, reproductive health surveys, behavioural surveys and large studies, wherever available. The factsheets focus on demographic information, adolescent sexual and reproductive health issues, nutritional status, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, violence, injuries and accidents.

The information in the factsheets will be useful for programme managers, policy-makers and researchers, and help in advocating for investing in adolescent health as part of public health programme for national development. In addition to adolescents (10-19 years), important information on young people (10-24 years) is also included. There are gaps related to availability of age-and -ex disaggregated data. In view of the importance of adolescent health, the national surveys should focus on desegregations of data by age, sex and marital status and include key indicators on coverage of health services for adolescents.