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Scaling up adolescent health in South-East Asia

Report of regional programme managers' meeting, Thailand, 11-14 October 2011

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Publication date: 2012



Member States in the South-East Asia (SEA) Region of the World Health Organization (WHO) have gained experience in implementation adolescent health (AH) programmes. WHO has provided technical assistance to Member States in the Region and supported country adaptation of tools for planning, capacity-building, monitoring and supervision. The WHO 4”S” strategy comprising of Strategic information, Supporting policy environment, Services and supplies, and Strengthening collaboration with other sectors has been implemented in the countries.

The ‘Meeting of Regional Programme Managers on scaling-up Adolescent Health’ was organized in Bangkok, Thailand from 11-14 October 2011, to review the status of implementation of AH programmes; provide an update on the recent technical guidelines and tools on AH programmes; and discuss country plans for implementation for effective scale-up of the programmes. The meeting was organized by the SEA Regional Office in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund’s (UNFPA) Regional Offices for Asia and the Pacific and the Arab States and UNICEF (Regional Office for South Asia). The 82 participants from 10 countries from SEA Region, two countries from WHO Western Pacific Region and four Arab States from the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region included national programme managers of adolescent health, WHO staff from the countries, Region and Headquarters; and representatives from UNICEF, UNFPA and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

The report provides the summary of proceedings and discussions. Country teams developed action plans for the next two years and proposed recommendations for the Member States, WHO and partners to accelerate the scaling-up of adolescent health programmes in the Region.