Disability, injury prevention and rehabilitation

SEARO Disability Information Document

Globally, there are over 1 billion people with disabilities (PWD) which corresponds to about 15% of the total population. Of the WHO regions, the South-East Asia Region (SEAR) has the second highest prevalence of moderate and severe disability (16%) and the third highest prevalence of severe disability (2.9%). All Member countries in the Region have either legislation or strategy on disabilities at national level. Existing policies, systems and services need assessments including analysis of the needs, experiences, and views of PWD. Priorities to reduce health inequalities and plans for improvements for access and inclusion need to be identified. Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) should be promoted to facilitate access for disabled people to existing services and empowering themselves . This information document is an attempt to provide insight to the policy makers of the SEAR countries on burden of disabilities as well as existing legislations/strategies and programmes to address this important issue at national level in the Region.