Emergency and humanitarian action

Flash floods and Land Slides in Uttarakhand State, India

In the aftermath of Uttarakhand cloud burst on 15 June 2013, causing large scale and wide spread damages to man, material and infrastructure, rescue operations are on war footing. State and Central government agencies are airdropping water, food, medicine and other supplies. Heavy rains started again on Monday, 24 June causing hindrance in rescue operations. An estimated 110,000 people have been affected. Over 1700 houses and other buildings were damaged. Nearly 1500 livestock are reported killed. Nearly 150 bridges were damaged which were potent links to motorable route in this hilly State. While 5000 deaths are feared, there were several hundred reportedly injured. As many as 73 000 people have been moved to safer places, many by Military Helicopters. Thousands are still reported to be stranded and awaiting help. WHO with its focal point team at Country Office, is closely monitoring the situation and geared to provide any additional financial and/or material assistance at any time.