Surveillance and outbreak alert

Dengue Outbreak in the Maldives

3 September 2011

Total number of dengue cases, 26 Dec 2010 – 3 Sept 2011: 2432 (1322 in Male, 1110 in the Atolls)

Total number of deaths: 12 (11 deaths since 1st January 2011)

Figure 1: Daily trends of Dengue cases reported, Maldives

Daily trends of Dengue Fever Cases, 2011

The total number of dengue cases reported was higher in 2011 as compared to the previous two years. The number of cases reported reached high epidemic proportions during the last week of June 2011. The daily number of cases reported was greater than 60 in the first week of July 2011. From 5 July, the daily number of reported cases began declining. Currently, an average of three cases are reported every day.

The number of cases reported daily from the atolls exceeded that of the reported number of daily cases in Male during the peak of the epidemic in July, and a similar trend continues, but with fewer cases. Very few cases have been reported since 29 July 2011.

Figure 2: Daily trends of Dengue cases reported, Male’ and Atolls

Geographic distribution of reported dengue cases

From June 2011 till date, cases from Male (including Hulhumale) accounted for 54.6% of all dengue cases in the country. All atolls have reported dengue cases, with the highest numbers reported from Alif Alif and Thaa Atolls.

Figure 3: Total Dengue cases reported by location

Annual comparisons of reported dengue fever cases

In 2011, the number of dengue cases reported every week was significantly higher than in the two previous years. The current epidemic began in the 5th week of 2011 with 65 cases, and continued to show an increasing trend, reaching a peak of 251 cases during the 25th week. After the 28th week, the case load declined but increased again in the 30th week. Then at the end of week 31st week, there was a marked decline in the number of cases reported.

Figure 4: Weekly trends of dengue cases reported, Maldives by year
Figure 5: Total annual dengue cases reported and annual deaths, 2003 - 2011