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Leprosy: lessons to be learnt in overcoming discrimination and stigmatization

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8 November 2016 | Seoul | New Delhi | Geneva −− The World Health Organization commends the initiative by countries to abolish laws enacted in the past and which allowed discrimination against people affected by leprosy.

Despite global progress, discrimination and stigmatization pose huge barriers to equitable treatment and social inclusion of leprosy affected people.

India’s massive leprosy case detection campaign reaches 320 million people

Recent case detection campaign revealed thousands of 'hidden' cases
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18 October 2016 | Geneva | New Delhi –– A recent door-to-door leprosy case detection campaign in India has screened a record 320 million people, revealing thousands of ‘hidden’ cases in some of the country’s districts.

The campaign by the National Leprosy Elimination Programme covered 149 districts across 19 states and mobilized almost 300 000 health workers.

WHO calls robust global efforts to end transmission of leprosy infection

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22 September 2016 ¦ Geneva¦New Delhi¦Beijing −− The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on countries to pilot innovative approaches to tackle continued transmission of leprosy.

Delegates attending the 19th International Leprosy Congress agreed to push for early detection, prevention and treatment and work to end the ongoing stigma associated with the disease.

The meeting took place in Beijing, People’s Republic of China from 19–21 September 2016.

Religious communities unite to address leprosy-associated stigmatization and discrimination

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24 June 2016 | Vatican City | New Delhi | Geneva −−Major religions of the world can contribute to address the social dimension of leprosy control, support positive attitudes and promote a more humane, accommodating approach.

This is one of the messages that emerged from an international symposium held in the Vatican City on 9–10 June 2016.

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