Health situation and trend assessment

Regional Situation on Malaria


WHO South-East Asia ranks second to Africa in malaria burden. More than 1.3 billion people in the SEA Region live in areas at risk of malaria, and 10 of the 11 Member States are endemic for the disease. However, in the South East-Asia Region, significant progress has been achieved in malaria control. Malaria cases were reduced by 30.3% from 3.08 million in 2000 to 2.1 million in 2011, and malaria deaths declined by 72.3% from 6560 in 2000 to 1819 in 2011.

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People at risk

1.3 billionin the Region are at risk of malaria

Population at risk in SEA Region
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Reported (confirmed) cases

2.1 millionin 2011 (32 million estimated in 2010)

Reported cases by countries in SEA Region
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Reported deaths

1819in 2011 (43, 000 estimated in 2010)

Reported deaths by countries in SEA Region
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