Healthy Ageing


Healthy Ageing

Report of the Regional Meeting on Healthy Ageing, Bangkok, Thailand, 26–28 October 2016

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Number of pages: 33
Publication date: 2017


A regional meeting on Healthy Ageing was organized in Bangkok, Thailand, from 26 to 28 October 2016 with the objective to strengthen country capacities and commitments for Healthy Ageing in WHO South-East Asia Region. The progress in implementation of national plans and policies on healthy ageing in Member States was shared. A draft ‘’Regional Framework on Healthy Ageing for the South-East Asia Region’’ aligned with the recently endorsed Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health, was shared to obtain inputs from Member States.

The key recommendations presented include: to create and strengthen institutional mechanism to lead and coordinate the programmes to cater to the needs of older adults; ensure a sustainable and progressive financing, which will enable a path towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and optimize multisectoral collaboration and partnerships among all relevant stakeholders including the private sector, professional bodies and civil society to develop and sustain an integrated and inclusive approach for equitable, gender-sensitive, rights-based Healthy Ageing programmes. Member States developed draft plan of actions for 2017-18 under different strategic themes.