Blueprint for the Provision of Comprehensive Care for Trans People and Trans Communities in Asia and the Pacific

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Number of pages: 153
Publication date: 2015
Languages: English



HPP is pleased to share a new tool to support the health and human rights of transgender individuals and communities: Blueprint for the Provision of Comprehensive Care for Trans People and Trans Communities in Asia and the Pacific.

This comprehensive trans health reference document is an accessible guide for advocates, programmers, policymakers, and service providers seeking to promote trans health and human rights in Asia and the Pacific. The Asia Pacific Transgender Network; the United Nations Development Programme; and the USAID- and PEPFAR-funded Health Policy Project collaboratively developed the Blueprint in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO); World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH); Pacific Sexual Diversity Network (PSDN); and World Association for Sexual Health (WAS). The document draws upon inputs from trans individuals and organizations, medical professionals, and policymakers from across the region.

“A document on trans people can only be inclusive and useful with the true involvement of the trans community. And this has been achieved,” said Joe Wong, program manager for the Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN). “It will provide a foundation and a roadmap for advocacy and implementation tools that will benefit trans individuals across Asia and the Pacific.”

The Blueprint is a human rights-centered resource that enables health providers, program planners and managers, policymakers, community leaders, and other stakeholders to promote and address the health needs of trans people.

Examples of using the Blueprint in action include:

  • Inform cultural and clinical competency training for healthcare workers
  • Guide donor strategic funding initiatives for human rights-centered programs and services for trans people
  • Develop advocacy tool kits that will increase trans health and human rights programming at national and sub-national levels

See the Policy Considerations (Chapter 6) in the Blueprint for more ideas on actions that can be implemented in the near-, medium-, and long-term.

“The focus of the Blueprint in ensuring equitable access to health and HIV services while promoting rights protections of trans women and men resonates very strongly with UNDP’s mission in Asia and the Pacific,” said Edmund Settle, policy advisor for the UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub.

"USAID worked in partnership to support the regional Blueprint for the provision of comprehensive care for trans persons and trans communities in Asia and the Pacific, which was inspired by the previous blueprints from the Latin America and Caribbean region. It took unique shape based on the diverse needs and context of trans people in Asia and the Pacific. It emphasizes gender identity recognition and the provision of gender-affirming health services and positions HIV services within the context of strengthening health and human rights responses," said Cameron Wolf, Senior HIV/AIDS Advisor for Key Populations at USAID.