Assessment of the Implementation of the Regional Health Sector Strategy on HIV 2011-2015

As the period covered by the Regional Strategy ends and a new regional plan of action for 2016–2021 is in development, this report reviews Member States’ key achievements in the AIDS response, and identify the gaps and challenges they face.
Between 2010 and 2015, the number of new infections decreased from 200 000 to 180 000 and the number of deaths decreased from 170 000 to 130 000. The treatment coverage increased by 19% during the same period

The HIV epidemic in South-east Asia: initial responses towards the UNAIDS 90–90–90 goal

Special issue of Journal of Virus Eradication, Nov 2016
This supplement of the Journal describes the epidemic and response within the member states in the region. It is an attempt to promote scientific publications from countries. All articles in this issue are co-authored by the National programme managers with support from WHO country focal points.

Progress Report on HIV in the WHO South-East Asia Region

Progress Report on HIV in the WHO South-East Asia Region,2016
This Regional Progress Report on HIV in the South-East Asia Region reviews the current state of the HIV epidemic and the response in the SEAR countries during the period 2011-2015. It also highlights the opportunities and challenges for addressing AIDS in the next 5-year period as we work towards ending AIDS as a public health Threat by 2030

Cascade of HIV testing, care and treatment services, 2014 & 2015: country Profiles

Tracking the people along the various steps of prevention and treatment cascade is an important step to ensure how we can minimize losses at various steps in this cascade and ensure high levels of retention in care .This documents highlights the gaps at various steps for further action as we move ahead towards achieving 90:90:90 by 2020


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People living with HIV/AIDS, 2015

3.50 million( 2.95 – 4.20 million)

New infections, 2015

180 000( 150 000 - 210 000)

People on ART, 2015

1 380 000receiving antiretroviral treatment

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