Health workforce

Human resources for health observatory

A National HRH Observatory is a platform where key HRH stakeholders from all sectors concerned interact on HRH matters in addressing the HRH challenges in the country with the use of valid and reliable HRH information.


The general objective of the Observatory is to provide opportunity for stakeholders to jointly review and monitor HRH situation and strengthen the HRH Information System (HRHIS) as well as to attain collective view and coordinated efforts for HRH development in the country

The specific objectives of the HRH observatory are to collect and analyze HRH information from various sources as well as to generate and disseminate information to provide evidences and propose options for policy dialogue and for informed decision to contribute to effective HRH planning and management.

Core functions

  • Data and information gathering, analysis and dissemination
  • Monitoring the health workforce and labour market
  • Research and knowledge production
  • Advocacy and the facilitation of policy dialogue and policy development
  • Capacity development

Country profiles

Recognizing the need for strengthening of HRH Information Systems in SEAR Member States, the Human Resources for Health Unit has embarked upon on the task of compiling and analyzing HRH profiles of SEAR countries to better understand HRH situations and challenges at the country This will enable WHO to learn about the best practices as well as identify common areas of concerns and regional priorities for WHO support.

The country profiles will be a good instrument for the National HRH Observatory in designing effective policies, programmes and intervention to maintain skilled and motivated health workforce with the right skills at the right place and the right time for effective delivery of health services.