Health workforce

About the human resources for health unit

A well-performing health workforce is one that works in ways that are responsive, fair and efficient to achieve the best health outcomes possible, given available resources and circumstances (i.e. there are sufficient staff, fairly distributed; they are competent, responsive and productive.

Education and training support

Education and Training Support (ETS) Unit in the Regional Office, among others, is the focal point for matters relating to WHO fellowships. Human resource development in the health sector has always been a major area of concern for WHO. Fellowships have been one of the most important mechanisms for addressing this issue and as such the Member States attach great importance to the WHO fellowship programme. It is recognized as one of the most effective means whereby Member States develop human resources to support the health systems provide effective health care services.

Human resources for health observatory

A national HRH Observatory is a platform where key HRH stakeholders from all sectors concerned interact on HRH matters in addressing the HRH challenges in the country with the use of valid and reliable HRH information.

The WHO Global Code of Practice

"The WHO Global Code of Practice for the International Recruitment of Health Personnel" aims to establish and promote voluntary principles and practices for the ethical international recruitment of health personnel and to facilitate the strengthening of health systems.

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