Leprosy situation in South-East Asia Region 2012

The South-East Aisa Region accounted for 71% of new cases detected worldwide in 2012 with 166 445 cases reported. From 16 countries reporting more than 1000 new cases, six countries are in the South-East Asia Region, namely, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka

The new case detection rate for 2012 is 9.08/100,000 population. Among new cases detected during the reporting year, 16,337 (9.82%) cases were children below 15 years of age; and 62,053 (37.28%) were women.

Registered prevalence: the total number of cases registered at the end of 2012 in all Member States of the Region was 125,171 accounted for registered prevalence rate of 0.68/10,000 population which was below the elimination rate of less than 1 per 10,000 population.