Enhanced global strategy for further reducing the disease burden due to leprosy (Plan period: 2011-2015)

WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia

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Editors: WHO
Number of pages: 28
Publication date: 2009
WHO reference number: SEA-GLP-2009.3



The Enhanced Global Strategy for Further Reducing the Disease Burden due to Leprosy: 2011-2015 is formulated as a natural extension of earlier strategies of the World Health Organization. It offers opportunities to refine joint action and enhance global efforts to address the remaining challenges to reduce the disease burden due to leprosy and mitigate its harmful impact on persons affected by leprosy and their families.

This document presents an overview of the concepts, ethics and guiding principles of the Enhanced Global Strategy. This is accompanied by the Updated Operational Guidelines describing practical suggestions for the implementation of leprosy control activities based on current evidence, professional knowledge and best practices. It is expected that these documents will assist leprosy-endemic countries in developing their own country-specific strategies and plans of action in order to sustain and provide high-quality services to individuals and communities that need them.