Leprosy: Regional elimination on the horizon

Leprosy exists as a health disease in limbo. Too large to be considered eliminated and with too few cases to get the final resources needed for true elimination, there is a common misconception that leprosy is a disease of the past. However, 215 656 people are affected by Leprosy as of September 2014, primarily in Brazil, India and Indonesia.

Leprosy situation in 2012

All 11 Member States in the WHO’s SEA Region reported in 2013, with DPR Korea reporting 0 cases, detailed data is available in Weekly Epidemiological Record No. 36. 2014, 89, 389-400. The report reveals that out of 14 countries reporting more than 1 000 cases globally, six are from the SEA Region (Bangladesh: 3 141; India: 126 913; Indonesia: 16 856; Myanmar: 2 950; Nepal: 3 225; and Sri Lanka: 1 990).

Leprosy highlights

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New Case

166 445Number of new leprosy cases detected during 2012

Leprosy situation in South-East Asia Region 2012

Grade 2 disability

8 012Number of Grade-2 disability among new cases detected during 2012

Regional Leprosy data 2013


125 171Registered cases (prevalence) at the end of 2012

Leprosy situation in South-East Asia Region 2011