World Malaria Report

December 2016 – The World Malaria Report 2016 summarizes information received from malaria-endemic countries and other sources, and updates the analyses presented in the 2015 report.
The World Malaria Report is WHO’s flagship malaria publication, released each year in December. It assesses global, regional and country malaria trends, highlights progress towards global targets, and describes opportunities and challenges in controlling and eliminating the disease. Most of the data presented in this report is from 2015.

WHO certifies Sri Lanka malaria-free

Colombo, 5 September 2016 – Sri Lanka’s achievement is truly remarkable. In the mid-20th century it was among the most malaria-affected countries, but now it is malaria-free.
Sri Lanka’s road to elimination was tough, and demanded well-calibrated, responsive policies. After malaria cases soared in the 1970s and 80s, in the 1990s the country’s anti-malaria campaign adjusted its strategy to intensively target the parasite in addition to targeting the mosquito.

World Malaria Day 2016 – End malaria for good

25 April 2016 – Each year, WHO and partners unite around a common World Malaria Day theme. This year’s theme "End malaria for good" reflects the vision of a malaria-free world set out in the "Global technical strategy for malaria 2016-2030". Adopted in May 2015 by the World Health Assembly, the strategy aims to dramatically lower the global malaria burden over the next 15 years.

Maldives declared first malaria-free country in the South-East Asia Region

6 December 2015 - During an official ceremony Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Regional Director of the WHO South-East Asia Region handed over a citation and plaque to Honorable Minister of Health, H.E. Ms. Iruthisham Adam, declaring Maldives as 'malaria-free' - the first country in the region to successfully attain this status.

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Population at risk (2015)

1.4 billionPeople in the SEA Region at risk of malaria

World Malaria Report 2016

Confirmed malaria cases (2015)

1.5 millionConfirmed cases of malaria in SEA Region


Reported malaria deaths (2015)

620Reported malaria deaths in SEA Region