Maternal and reproductive health

27 – 30 November 2012, Bangkok, Thailand

Regional Meeting on Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control (CCCC)

1. To review the situation in countries of the magnitude of HPV infection and cervical cancer, and the current status of prevention and control activities including screening;
2. To share the technical updates and experiences of countries in screening of cancer cervix and in HPV vaccine introduction;
3. To assess the readiness of countries in introducing the HPV vaccine as a national programme; and
4. To identify next steps to strengthen comprehensive cervical cancer control in countries.

17-20 September, 2012, Kathmandu, Nepal

Regional Meeting on Preventing Unsafe Abortion to Reduce Maternal Mortality

1.To discuss current global, regional and country situation of abortion services
2.To disseminate updated WHO Safe abortion technical and policy guidance for health system
3.To facilitate development of country level action plans for promotion of safe abortion services

16-17 February 2012, Gurgaon, India

Regional Networking meeting of WHO Collaborating Centres in Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health

1. To review of progress of WHOCC work;
2. To disseminate SEARO supported activities of WHOCCs such as guidelines on management of Infertility at PHC, Stillbirth Surveillance etc.;
3. To share recent WHO technical guidelines in RH and MH and develop action plans and ;
4. To explore possible areas of joint and collaborative work including proposal development.

20-23 September 2011, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Regional Review Meeting on WHO’s Technical Role in Strengthening Family Planning Services

1.To review the current situation of Family Planning Services in the countries of South East Asia Region including barriers and challenges to access and utilization of Family Planning Services
2. To introduce and disseminate various family planning tools especially for scaling up FP interventions
3. To strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of FP services
4. To draft a ‘road-map’ to strengthen Family Planning services for each country of the region

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