Access, quality and use of medical products and technologies

Medicines are a fundamental part of health care and a well-controlled functional pharmaceutical sector is a pre-requisite for a good health system. Many challenges in this area still persist.

Country Situational Analysis

The regional strategy to promote rational use of medicines (RUM), updated at the regional meeting of July 2010, recommends undertaking a situational analysis in order to plan for a more coordinated integrated approach to improving the use of medicines.

International norms for quality, safety, efficacy and cost-effective use

Nine Member States from the Region participated in the 14th International Conference of Drug Regulatory Authorities in 2010

Promoting safety, efficacy and quality of herbal medicines

All Member States were using national lists, updated within the past five years, of essential medicines, vaccines or technologies for public procurement or reimbursement. In July 2010, an intercountry meeting was held in SEARO and attended by nine countries.

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