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Partners for health in South-East Asia

Conference Report

Partners for Health in South-East Asia

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Number of pages: 148
Publication date: 2011
ISBN: 9789290224051



The Conference of Partners for Health in South-East Asia was held at a particularly important juncture for health development in the South-East Asia Region, and indeed the world, when many noteworthy achievements in health attained in the last century have come under threat, from the combined effects of the global food, fuel, economic and climate change crisis.

The conference explored innovative ways to strengthen regional collaboration for health, and encourage inclusive and sustainable partnerships between various stakeholders, to tackle the social, economic, environmental and behavioural factors which contribute to the disease burden in the Region, with such devastating impact on the poor and most vulnerable.

The principles embodied in the “Delhi Call for Action on Partnerships for Health” as well as the deliberations and recommendations made during the conference contained in this report represent the combined efforts, resources, knowledge, and passion of a wide and multisectoral array of partners committed to helping prevent the unnecessary suffering, morbidity and mortality and thereby promoting the health of the peoples of South-East Asia.