Research policy

Evidence informed policy in priority public health in South East Asia Region

Evidence-informed health policy is public health policy developed by policy makers who are well-informed by the best available research evidence. The evidence informed policy making process is characterised by the systematic and transparent access to, and appraisal of, evidence as an input into the policy-making process.

In collaboration with WHO headquarter, WHO SEARO and EVIPNET, WHO Country Office for Nepal has organized an Inter-country Workshop on Using Research Evidence for Policy Making on 17-21 September 2012 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Workshop was attended by 35 participants from Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal.

Similar Inter-country Workshop was also organized by WHO Country Office for Maldives on 22-27 September 2012. The Workshop was attended by 23 participants from Sri Lanka, Thailand and Maldives.

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