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35th Session of WHO South-East Asia Advisory Committee on Health Research (SEA-ACHR)

35th Session of WHO South-East Asia Advisory Committee on Health Research (SEA-ACHR)

24-26 October 2017, New Delhi, India


The SEA-ACHR is an advisory body with a consultative mandate to support WHO SEARO in carrying out its constitutional role of promoting and coordinating research relating to global health work, in collaboration with external institutions pursuing common goals and with the scientific community at large. The goal of the ACHR, therefore, is to promote healthy lives in the Region through the prioritization and promotion of health research, policy stimulation and enabling action for research. The SEA-ACHR has 12 members representing 11 countries from the SEA Region.

Thirty-fourth session of SEA-ACHR was held in New Delhi on 13–15 December 2015. During this session an ambitious agenda was created with a log frame and monitoring framework for its own action. During meeting with the departmental directors in preparation to 35th session of ACHR, the Directors reported that the mandate of ACHR was not clear and recommendations not aligned with WHO work-plan. In order to address these issues and to make ACHR recommendations more actionable as well as value added, the 35th session of ACHR scheduled from 24 to 26 October 2017 would explore ways of better and efficient functioning of SEA-ACHR. Accordingly, various background documents are being prepared to support in building a new and evidence-based framework of ACHR. The outcome of the meeting would ensure that the ACHR will function more dynamically and working alongside other global partners and with WHO headquarter. It is necessary to provide recommendations that would have an impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Along with the SEA-ACHR meeting, we propose to conduct a back-to-back partners’ meeting. The last day of the ACHR meeting (26 October 2017), where the final recommendations are going to be made, partners would also join the session as observers. On 27 October 2017, partners along with ACHR chair and Co-Chair (only) would meet to discuss on resource mobilization and collaboration.