Rapid response to immediate needs of population in flood affected areas of North Hamgyong Province of DPR Korea, 2015

Funds allocated:
US$ 161,887

The emergency

Two districts and one big city in Rason Industrial area of North Hamgyong Province affected by torrential rainfalls followed by flash floods on 23 – 26 August 2015. About 11,000 people lost their homes, 700 severely injured and 54 died. Twenty-five administrative buildings, 25 kindergartens, 12 schools and six hospitals (43% of the total hospitals) collapsed or partially damaged. In addition, medical equipment, stocks of essential drugs and hospital consumables damaged or washed away.

Funds allocated

Led by WHO, an interagency assessment took place in early September 2015. Following the assessment, a complete and basic interagency emergency health kits (IEHK), two tents and water tanks distributed from WHO stockpile. In addition, USD 161,887 SEARHEF released.

How it made a difference

Immediately after the provision of the fund complete and basic IEHK, diarrhoeal disease emergency kit (DDK) consumables, pneumonia kits, trauma kits, surgical instruments water tanks and other medical equipment procured within 24 hours. Necessary life –saving equipment for Rason-city hospital were made available within 72 hours. In addition, the fund supported the deployment of local mobile health teams for home visits and identification of sick and wounded people.

Outcome of assistance from SEARHEF
• 204,238 displaced people improved their access to safe drinking water
• Life-saving capacity of city, district and administrative hospitals to cope with the increased number of patients improved timely and efficiently
• Morbidity and mortality of victims of floods, particularly displaced people in temporary shelters decreased
• Epidemic outbreak of water borne diseases among displaced and affected population prevented