Floods in DPR Korea - September 2016

Funds allocated:
US$ 175,000

The emergency

The torrential rains due to the typhoon ‘Lion rock’ hit the north east coast of DPR Korea, led to flash floods and landslides. The main areas affected in the North Hamgyong Province were Musan, Yonsa, Kyongwon, Kyongsong, Onsong Counties and Hoeryong City. The casualties entailed 538 people who either died or missing and 70,000 displaced population. Overall 600,000 populations were affected. In addition to the human victims, there were reports of loss of health infrastructure as well.

How it made a difference

SEARHEF was intended to support Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) to respond to the emergency, provide life-saving supplies and equipment and establish health information system management. During the first three months of the emergency, the fund facilitated deployment of mobile team comprised 300 health workers including 21 professionals from national level to six counties; and procurement of supplies and equipment such as Tetanus toxoid vaccine, roofing materials and basic essential essential supplies for hospitals. The fund also made it possible to renovate hospitals and clinics, and establish daily disease reporting system for collection and analysis of health related data.

Outcome of assistance from SEARHEF
• Mobile health team immediately deployed to six counties, covered about 60,000 population
• About 20,000 construction workers and injured victims immunized with Tetanus vaccine
• 10,544 sq. roofing materials provided for reconstruction of severely damaged health facilities
• Basic essential supplies provided to hospitals and clinics in Yoonsa, Musan and Hoeryong
• Disease reporting system and analysis established in six counties and provincial center