Nepal Earthquake - April 2015

Funds allocated:
US$ 175 000

The emergency

On 25th April 2015, a massive earthquake measuring 7.8 (Richter) with epicenter at Barpak in Gorkha District (77 km northwest of Kathmandu) was experienced in Nepal. There were several aftershocks in the vicinity and afar. 8,897 people died including 18 Health Workers; 22,303 people were injured including 68 Health Workers. 462 Health Facilities were totally damaged. While 31/75 districts were affected, the severe damages were experienced in 14 districts.

How it made a difference

Following activities were carried out with the help of immediately available SEARHEF funds:

  • Activation of the Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC) to coordinate response
  • Procurement of drugs and other commodities
  • Formation and functioning of high level coordination committee of MoH
  • Activation of Hub hospitals within Kathmandu valley
  • Central team formation and mobilization to affected districts
  • Mobilization of logistic team and enabling supply chain management
  • District teams mobilization
  • Establishment of 24x7 hotline for public
  • Information management related to Foreign and National Medical Teams, Logistics, Surveillance and other response interventions monitoring reports

Outcome of assistance from SEARHEF
By supporting health sector emergency response in the earthquake affected districts, SEARHEF funds supported
• Management of 15,000+ trauma cases;
• 3,000+ major surgeries; 4,000+ minor surgeries; 148 Spinal injuries treated; 41 amputations; 1,500 physical rehab; 100,000+ ambulatory treatment;
• 40,000+ hospital admissions;
• 450,000+ children received Measles-Rubella vaccine;
• 500,000+ children received Oral Cholera vaccine