Neglected tropical diseases

About us

Who we are

Vector Borne and Neglected Tropical Diseases Control (VBN) unit of World Health Organization (WHO) are providing technical support to Member States and strengthen their capacity for combating diseases under VBN, based on evidence and best practices.

Where we work

VBN is a unit within the Communicable Diseases Department of the WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia (SEARO). It works in close linkages with related units and departments both at Regional and at Headquarters level. The VBN unit also coordinates activities across the 11 Member States through its Country Offices in the Region for implementation of diseases including neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) control and elimination programmes.

What we do

WHO has been in leading role to bring NTDs higher in the agenda and has led the global health sector response to these challenges. The Unit works to support WHO Member States in enhancing their action to overcome the impact of vector borne and neglected tropical diseases. The major responsibility of VBN unit at WHO SEARO is to provide technical support for strengthening country capacity. The unit conducts meetings, informal consultations, workshops, etc. each year with country focal points, programme personnel, scientist, expert, etc. to share country situation, knowledge update, information exchange, etc.