Water supply and sanitation status in the South-East Asia Region

The South-East Asia Region has accomplished a great deal in terms of extending drinking water supply coverage to 90% of the Region’s people. All countries of the Region reported a consistent growth in water supply coverage over the past decade. Achieving and sustaining the drinking water and sanitation MDG is very crucial as it also contributes to achieving other MDGs such as reducing child mortality, eradicating poverty, achieving universal access to primary education etc. Sanitation coverage in a number of countries in the Region has not kept with the social and economic development that led to the increase in water supply coverage. More than 50% of the Region’s population still lack access to basic sanitary facilities.

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WHO 2018 Sanitation and Health Guidelines

Guidelines on sanitation and health

The UN Secretrary-General and Prime Minister of India look on as the WHO Deputy Director-General launches the WHO Guidelines on Sanitation and Health, 1 Oct 2018

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