Capacity Training on Urban Water Safety Planning - Training Modules

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Number of pages: 720
Publication date: 2016
Languages: English
ISBN: 9789290224822


These training materials have been developed by the South-East Asia Regional Office of WHO to be used either to train trainers or to train operators of water supply utilities or sector stakeholders. They are intended for use by governments, NGOs, private sector, academic institutions and individuals. They may be used intensively over three or five days or included in longer educational programs either as part of academic courses or as part of continuing professional development training. They comprise:
- Presenters Guide,
- Participant’s Handbook,
- PowerPoint slides notes for presenter and PowerPoint Handouts for participants,
- Worksheets and other resources for participants
- Table group worksheets for use during the training programme

WHO SEARO acknowledges the support of Australian Aid (through the Australian Department or Foreign Affairs and Trade) in the Water Quality Partnership for Health and specifically for support for these materials developed through the course of training many professionals in the region.

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