World Toilet Day 2018– “When Nature Calls”

Access to adequate and separated washrooms for girls and women goes beyond a sanitation perspective. Access to proper toilets with hand washing facilities are paramount in terms of equity and human dignity. And it is a human right.

World Water Day 2017 - Why waste water?

Untreated wastewater from tanneries released to a river
Untreated wastewater from tanneries released to a river

The World Water Day, on 22 March 2017 is dedicated to wastewater with the theme, ‘Why waste water?’ Any used water that comes from our toilets, bathrooms, kitchen, tanneries, textile factories, pharmaceutical factories, automobile repair shops, hospitals, health centers, and diagnostic centers etc is termed wastewater. Depending on the source, wastewater would contain pathogens including drug resistant microbes, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, antibiotics etc. It is estimated that globally 80% of the wastewater flows into the ecosystem without any treatment. Such practice leads to contamination our freshwater bodies, soil and the environment, all of which have a direct impact on health.

World Toilet Day: 19 November 2016

World Toilet Day: 19 November 2016

The United Nations General Assembly designated 19 November as World Toilet day in 2013 with a call to action aimed at eliminating open defecation by 2025. Read the Regional Director’s message dedicated to this important day calling for countries to step up efforts in providing sanitation which is a prerequisite for better health.

World Water Day: 22 March 2016

Every year, 22 March is observed as World Water Day to highlight the multiple uses of water and to advocate for managing water resources sustainably for current and future generations. The theme for 2016 is “Water and Jobs” – to give special attention to those who work in water-related sectors.


Safe sanitation

WHO 2018 Sanitation and Health Guidelines

Guidelines on sanitation and health

The UN Secretrary-General and Prime Minister of India look on as the WHO Deputy Director-General launches the WHO Guidelines on Sanitation and Health, 1 Oct 2018

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