World Toilet Day 2014 - Improving sanitation would deliver enormous economic benefits

With inadequate sanitation accounting for health and economic losses of over 6 per cent of GDP improvements in sanitation and related hygiene behaviour has the potential to deliver huge economic benefits. These benefits would be most felt by the millions of people that make up the poorest sections of society. Investing in sanitation makes sound sense in terms of economics, society and human rights.

Nepal – How Water Safety Plans can be used to plan for climate change impacts

The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) in Nepal has committed itself to mainstreaming Water Safety Plans (WSPs) across all the country’s 75 districts. The country has significant water quality problems and the government is urgently seeking to address regular cholera outbreaks.

Nagpur – water and sanitation programmes integral to its push for 24/7 supply

Nagpur, a city of about 2.5 million, is in Maharashtra in the centre of India. Total water supply to the city is 540 million litres per day with about 80% coverage (through 225,000 connections). The water supply system is progressively being upgraded to 24/7 supply and water security is being improved through large investments.

World Toilet Day paves the way for improved sanitation

Today, there are 2 billion people lacking access to toilet facilities and about half of these reside in South-East Asia, posing a particular health risk to females and children. Poor sanitation can lead to illnesses such as diarrhoea, typhoid, malnutrition and polio. Earlier this year, the United Nations emphasized the importance of sanitation and hygiene by declaring 19 November as World Toilet Day.

For more details on the issues, including additional Indian information, please read Dr Samlee Plianbangchang, Regional Director, WHO South-East Asia Region’s message, accessible via the link below.

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