Polio-free certification: WHO South-East Asia

The WHO South-East Asia Region has been maintaining its polio-free status for the last 3 years. After the last wild polio case was reported from India on 13 January 2011, the Region is firmly on track for polio-free certification in March 2014.

Vaccine preventable disease surveillance data

WHO collects and distributes surveillance data from all Member States of the South-East Asia Region. Weekly vaccine-preventable disease bulletins and monthly updates are made available online. These contain detailed information about the occurrence of wild polio in the region and around the globe.

India 3 years polio free

Wild poliovirus has not been found in India since 13 January 2011 meaning that, from that date, India is no longer a country where polio is endemic. With this achievement, it is hoped that soon the entire WHO South-East Asia Region can be certified polio free. A commission of experts will meet on 26-27 March 2014 to analyze the data and determine the polio status for the Region.

Immunization and Vaccine Development

The Immunization and Vaccine Development (IVD) Unit supports the protection of the people of South-East Asia from vaccine-preventable diseases by strengthening routine immunization systems, supporting supplementary immunization campaigns, assisting the introduction of new vaccines, strengthening disease surveillance, encouraging research and development and ensuring vaccine safety and quality. The main immunization in the South-East Asia Region website contains information relating to; polio eradication in South-East Asia; measles and rubella; immunization systems strengthening; and Vaccine supply and quality.


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