Vaccine Supply and Quality

Courtesy of Bio Farma

Immunization programmes have become more successful by protecting an increased proportion of populations throughout South-East Asia. As programmes become more successful in protecting populations, an increased level of attention and expectation have required scaling up efforts in the area of vaccine safety, quality and management.

In light of the increased importance and impact of regional manufacturing on other countries and global immunization programmes, the Vaccine Safety and Quality (VSQ) unit was formed within the South-East Asia Regional Office of WHO to support Member States. VSQ’s comparative advantage is the fact that most countries affecting the global vaccine supply market are all within short distances in the region.

WHO's VSQ unit works to build capacity throughout the region by focusing on three major areas:

  • Vaccine quality and regulatory issues including:
    - Supporting countries to establish, maintain and/or improve functional NRAs
    - Developing surveillance systems for Adverse Effects Following Immunization
  • Assessing and improving vaccine procurement, management and cold chain systems
  • Improving waste management