Strategic Priorities

Strategic priority 1

Supporting an improved role of the Government of India in global health

  • International Health Regulations
    Ensuring the implementation of International Health Regulations and similar commitments
  • Pharmaceuticals
    Strengthening the pharmaceutical sector including Drug Regulatory capacity and Trade and Health
  • Stewardship
    Improving the stewardship of the entire Indian health system

Strategic priority 2

Promoting access to and utilization of affordable, efficiently networked and sustainable quality services by the entire population

  • Financial Protection
    Providing universal health service coverage so that every individual would achieve health gain from a health intervention when needed
  • Quality
    Properly accrediting service delivery institutions (primary health care facilities and hospitals) to deliver the agreed service package

Strategic priority 3

Helping to confront the new epidemiological reality

  • Health of Mothers and Children
    Scaling up reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health services
  • Combined Morbidity
    Addressing increased combinations of communicable and noncommunicable diseases
  • Transitioning Services
    Gradual, phased “transfer strategy” of WHO services to the national, state and local authorities without erosion of effectiveness during the transition period