Let’s know more about Diphteria and how to protect your family from it

Indonesia is conducting Outbreak Response Immunization (ORI) for Diphtheria in 2018, specifically for children from 1 year old and before 19 years old. Actually, to protect our family and to prevent wide transmission of the disease, everybody should get Diphtheria immunization. Here is more information on diphtheria and the importance of immunization.

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Indonesia Launched its First Report on Health Inequality

WHO/Nursila Dewi

Indonesia launched The State of Health Inequality of Indonesia in Jakarta, on 19 December 2017. A collaboration project of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and World Health Organization, the report summarizes data from more than 50 health indicators.
More info :
- Press Release
- Addressing inequalities on the road to ‘health for all’ in Indonesia
- State of health inequality: Indonesia

Outbreak Response Immunization of Diphtheria in 3 Provinces

Indonesia started the Outbreak Response Immunization in Jakarta, 11 December 2017 to protect children from diphtheria transmission. The Ministry of Health also continuously provides information to public. Click here for infographic and more information

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